SINZ Concept
3D X-RAY COLLECTIONを先行販売特別価格にてご提供し、3Dシリーズを軌道に乗せるための資金調達とさせていただくプロジェクトです。
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お待たせしました。ついに新たな電話バッグ Telephone Bag Mk5が発売です↓
Sorry to keep you waiting. We have launched a new Telephone Bag.
Telephone Bag Mk5 / BLACK (convertible)
Telephone Bag Mk5 / RED (convertible)

20. May 2020.
++ We started to ship internationally. ++
We built the system of shipping our products to your country.
You can purchase items and pay on our online shop by "WorldShopping“ system.
We are very pleased to deliver our products not only customers in Japan but also international customers!
( about "WorldShopping“ )
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