…“Once I was a rock girl ♫”
…SINZ is a fashion and lifestyle brand for those of you with this feeling.

We design and create items, clothings and accessories based on the concept of “LOVE & PEACE” with a rebellious heart. Our products always have musical themes - they look like as if music is playing.

If you find it boring to blend in with everyone else and would prefer to break the norm, we have got you covered. We are dedicated to bringing you alternative fashion and lifestyle with unique tastes that is different from others and that makes you feel like yourself.


一本の樹木で例えるならば、その根っこには”LOVE & PEACE”、幹は”ROCKでPOPなカウンターカルチャー”、様々に枝分かれした枝の先には”音ノリ”や”LOVE”の感性を大切にしたファッションと雑貨の花を咲かせます。



Our marketing strategy is based on „high quality with reasonable prices”.
To bring you our products with reasonable prices, we are not limited to the existing distribution system.
SINZ makes effort to create elaborated items so that we choose high-quality materials and techniques from all over the world. This means it costs both much money and time, however, we can make it possible to reduce distribution costs by selling goods directly in our online shop and deliver directly to you.


流通コストを抑えるためにも”SINZ”はEC SHOPで直接お客様に販売するスタイルをとっており、一部のショップ様への卸売りとPOP UP SHOP等の期間限定催事のみで販売しております。



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